Highly competitive Value Engineering Approach

Concrete is a key element in construction projects around the world. HBK REMIX concrete production plants takes part in providing supplies for engineering strategic projects that follow international standards and has been chosen to be the subject of study and application of value management.

Value engineering approach formulated by HBK REMIX’s technical team has been proved to be an innovative method for improving the project lifecycle, saving time, and reducing costs of the project.

The study of economic and financial aspects of the production of concrete mixtures supplied to construction projects is of equal importance as the study of the technical and engineering aspects.

Based on the analysis, HBK REMIX’s technical team has applied highly competitive value engineering approach in order to find effective and feasible solutions to reduce costs, maintain the quality and ways for avoiding the wastage of materials. This approach ensures the sustainability of resources and protection of the environment, and allows us to achieve advantages in concrete production.