Ready Mix in Doha
High MoE concrete

The Modulus of Elasticity of concrete is one of the most important mechanical properties of concrete since it impacts the serviceability and the structural performance of reinforced concrete structure. In Certain high rise building design high value of Modulus of Elasticity for the concrete is essential to increase the structural stability. HBK remix can provide high MoE in the range of 43,000 MPa – 47,000 MPa by carefully proportioning the right aggregate combination and suitable cement paste.

Low Shrinkage Concrete

Shrinkage compensating concrete is concrete containing expansive cement or an expansive admixture, which produces expansion during hardening there by offsets the contraction occurring during drying (drying shrinkage).These type of concrete can be used in concrete slabs, pavements, structures and repair works to minimize dryings shrinkage cracks.

Marine concrete

Concrete produced with anti-wash out admixtures increases the cohesiveness of concrete to a level that allows limited exposure to water with little loss of cement. HBK Remix has the expertise to carry out the off shore concrete pours that also require extended workability to allow for long haulage time. This type of concrete allows the placement of concrete in water and under water without the use of tremies.

Light weight Concrete

Structural light weight concrete is made with light weight aggregates (all-light weight concrete) or with a combination of lightweight and normal weight aggregates. HBK Remix can offer different densities of LWC depending on the requirements for suitable strengths.

Fibre Reinforced Concrete

Fibre Reinforced Concrete offers a cost-effective solution for the reinforcement of slabs and walls on numerous applications. Our most popular systems is Polypropylene Fibres, mostly used in residential applications such as garages, floors, sidewalks, pool decks, driveways, etc. Benefits of this are controls plastic shrinkage, cost advantage over welded wire mesh, always positioned in compliance with code

Low Chloride Concrete

Some of the water retaining structures requires very low chloride content in the concrete. Washing of the aggregates considerably reduces the chloride contents in the coarse and fine aggregate fractions which contribute to the major portion of the chloride contents in concrete. HBK remix has the sophisticated washing plant that washes all fractions of aggregates to reduce the chloride content and produce low chloride concrete.

Slipform Concrete

Depending up on the rate of rise of the form work in a slip form operation, concrete has to be produced with the help of appropriate admixtures to maintain the workability and steady setting time. HBK Remix has the technology to provide slipform concrete to suite the site conditions.

Durable Concrete

Depending on the requirements of the designers HBK Remix can produce concrete with different types of durable concrete. The conditions are generally governed by the aggressive environment to which the structure is exposed and sticking to the codes of practice 50 years or 100 years of concrete has been successfully produced by HBK Remix for prestigious projects in Qatar.

Coloured Concrete

We can help enhance the appearance of your driveway, pool deck, garage floor, or any other area that requires concrete installation. The possibilities are endless. The HBK Remix has a variety of pigments available to add in the concrete to obtain various tones of color, and give the project a unique look.

Low Heat Concrete

Mass concreting requires the core temperature to be controlled to avoid thermal cracking. HBK Remix has various supplementary cementetious additions at our disposal to suite the projects requirements.

High Early Strength Concrete

HBK Remix offers a wide range of concrete mixes designed for faster setting times. These products are the key to meeting the tight scheduling demands of today’s construction projects. We offer an array of mixes for many applications, depending on the desired set time and strength requirement.

Flowable Concrete

Flowable Concrete can be poured at high slumps for different levels of workability, It can achieve various slumps depending on the application, flowable Concrete will not affect water/cement ratio. Benefits of the Flowable concrete are It maintains normal setting times, faster placing, reduced vibration, labor saving, reduced honeycombing, easier pumping


HBK Remix also offers self-compacting concrete mixes for applications where reinforcing steel is highly congested, a superior finish is required and where ease of placement is desirable. Benefits of SCC are Earlier form stripping,increased early strength gain , reduced finishing time and quicker service application of structure.