Ready Mix
The supply of high quality, ready-mixed concrete has become increasingly important for the building, construction and civil engineering industries in the state of Qatar, from residential homes to the often technically advanced structural requirements of high-rise buildings and infrastructure.

Quality Control : At HBK Remix we stand by the quality of our products. Our rigorous Quality Control program guarantees that our customers get the best of what they need. We only select production materials that meet our high quality expectations, and we carefully test all aggregates in a provincially certified integrated laboratory.

Our technical experts are certified by the Institute of Concrete Technology (ICT - UK) and have a proven track record of producing a diversity of mix designs. We have Certified Engineering Technologists (CET’s) and Quality Control Technicians (QCT’s) to ensure consistent and predictable products that meet your specifications.

HBK Remix has the resources and technical expertise to provide a wide range of concrete mixes.

Our Quality Control Program includes the meticulous maintenance of all HBK Remix facilities and vehicles. Our plants, ready-mix trucks, stationary pumps, placing booms, mechanical distributors and ten mobile concrete pumps are inspected by the regulating authorities and are certified.